Sunday, March 18, 2012


The weekend past so fast!
I took the weekend off from work to breathe, read up & spend time with the man.

He specially prepared a homecooked dinner for me. :)
Such a blessing to have him.
Garlic prawns/pork belly/cheese sausage/clam chowder.
The prawns was so so yummy!

 Also took some time to browse my favourite reads - Frankie & Mollie Makes.
 Saw some really interesting sites!

Sharing this with you today!
A place where thousands of artists upload their work.
And you are able to buy them in the format you like.
For example art prints/iphone cases/stationary/tshirts.
Quite a cool website!
The Bird & The Whale by Oliver Lake

The Conversation by Oliver Lake

 Time of Your Life by Matthew Kavan Brooks

Falling (Laptop & IPad skin) & Cotton Reels by Cassia Beck
*Love her work! So romantic & pastel-ly!

This website got me surfing for the past hour & I am still not done!
So much pretty stuff to see! :)
I am sure you will be hooked. TeeHee.
have fun browsing & enjoy whatever that is left of the weekend :)

**Meanwhile I finally set up my own system of doing my Etsy store. 
Going to try it out tomorrow so hopefully it will work!

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