Wednesday, February 22, 2012

H&M + Marni

The much talked/discussed fashion topic in town - H&M + Marni.
Recently I dropped by H&M with the man and was telling him that the H&M is really different from the one in Hong Kong.
Somehow it is lacking that "oomph" factor for me to shop.
Perhaps because it is no longer special since it is readily available here.

But the whole store is just lacking in the "come buy me" factor.
When I was in Hong Kong, even the smallest H&M store surprises me!

Do you feel that way?
But I guess it is still too early to tell since they only been around for less than a year in Singapore.
Of course the good thing is that we have an extra shopping place to go!

Oh well enuff' said! Let's start with dresses.

Love flowy styles like this cos it is such a Sunday dress!
Perfect for those feel-fat days. :P
1st Dress - SGD159 
Not sure about the second one.
(prices from Bagaholic Boy)

Yeah certainly my style!
Prices are steep for H&M but certainly reasonable for Marni.

Wool Cardigan - SGD139
Tee - SGD59.90
Jacket - SGD199
(prices from Bagaholic Boy)

Necklaces & Bangles
Love the colour combi.
Hopefully the actual thing looks better.
Can't seem to find the prices from Bagaholic Boy so the prices below are USD.
(Taken from Nitrolicious)

Necklace - USD49.95
Bangles - USD29.95
Bag - USD39.95
Sunglasses - USD19.95 (Love the shape!)

Blues for the man!
What a nice touch of colour for the collar! :)
Shirt - USD49.95
Sweater - USD99

Ok that's all for me!
These are my favourite looks from them but I reckon there will definitely be a queue for these when it launches on 8th March 2012.
And no. I will not be queuing for them. :)

(all images & USD prices from Nitrolicious)
(all SGD prices from Bagaholic Boy)

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